File count limit (file browser) of 85 files

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File count limit (file browser) of 85 files

Post by mcc » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:32 am


here: ... 8132e1b923

Michael posted, that the file browser has a limit of 85 browseable files.

- it is possible to save more files
- a soon as the the limit is hit, additional files "dissapear" DM42-wise. Since the list
is alpabetically sorted only the first 85 of that list are displayed
- if the DM42 is used in USB-drive-mode, the "dissapeared" files can be listed with
the PC (dir/ls or else)

By the way: It was not able to delete a file with the there a way to do so?


Breaking News: ;)
As posted by Michael, Michael and David discussed that topic and David, the magician, will
implement a logic to allow the use of subfolders under PROGRAMS, so the above described
problem has gone. This will be available with the next firmware.
David and Michael for president! :) :)

DM 42 - SN: 00373, Firmware v.:3.14. / 3.14. as compiled by SwissMicros

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