Hacking the DM1x hardware

Discussion of hardware issues related to the DM1x/DM41. Please ensure that you specifiy whether the issue is related to a credit card size unit or a "Voyager" unit (DM1xL/DM41L).
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Hacking the DM1x hardware

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In one of the threads there is a request/discussion going on regarding schematics of the SwissMicros calculators.
The only reason for this i can imagine is for hacking the hardware.
Being a embedded guy of course i was triggered, but i found on the DM15 - CPU there are not to much free pins left for adding fun hardware.
Dunno for the DM42-platform.
Given the price of the calculator i'd hesitate a bit in modifieing them,
Also both calculator platforms are optimized for low powerconsumption, not for extending the hardware.
They therefore would not realy make a controller device (I think even Arduino would do better)
Despite for those that would like to try I found a a cheaper solution on the following links



I must admit, not exact the same CPU these are LPC-H1114 rather than LPC1115F but still have the same datasheet, so they might come pretty close.

There is also a kit for the STM32L476vGT6 as is in the DM42 platform but it seems to be obsolete
Still here's a link for that one
https://nl.rs-online.com/web/p/microcon ... s/8967724/
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