How did you discover SwissMicros?

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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by peteb2 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:45 pm

I did an Internet Search (pre-Google days) to see if i could buy a replacement for my perfect condition HP15C that mysteriously had disappeared. That's when i discovered how valued and 'valuable' they were compared to other calculators. It made me search and search but to no avail, my HP had shifted into the 4th Dimension along with the things it allowed me to do quickly.

I could never justify the outlay for a second hand unit via the fledgling ebay market so resigned myself to using a 'normal' calculator.

Then one day a (post-Google) search revealed SwissMicros existed! What a neat idea i remember thinking but there wasn't an HP15C at the time so i vowed to keep an eye out for a cheap HP if was could only be so lucky.

Then one day i was able to borrow an HP42S and oh my.... what a tool! In the same month i was told of the App for my Apple device for the HP15C (which only served to remind me of what i'd lost every time i ran it) and i also knew of the HP15C limited edition but the price just couldn't be passed the goal-keeper.

Finally in the weeks before Christmas 2018 the 'down-under electronics guru' Dave Jones did his You Tube on the SwissMicros DM42.

That sold it and blow the price... i was so excited when ordering it that i screwed up the delivery address with a typo on the mail box address. I was too slow to have it corrected but by way of some careful 'address checking' in my country i was able to make certain my parcel was eventually redirected to me and i became a proud owner of a DM42 from SwissMicros.

So with a few hours of familiarization i think i have found the best calculator in the world and at last a proper tool is back in my hands.

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