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Re: Battery life

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akaTB wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:53 pm
ahz wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:27 pm
Hi all

I received my DM42 around two month ago and i realy like it. But the battery consumption is a nightmare.

It takes two batteries within these two month but was not seriously used. To be honest, with the second battery it was only switched on to check the battery voltage and then switched off again. I did this only once a day.

When the DM42 was out off power from the first battery (didn't show any live signal) i replaced the battery and checked the voltage with a multimeter. It shows 2.5 Volt which is very high for an empty battery.

With the second battery this behaviour was observed, too. I activated the voltage display in the DM42. Last time the calculator was alive the voltage was around 2.6V.

Obviously a calcuator with this amount of battery consumtion is not acceptable if one want to use it seriously.
I tried changing the POWER OFF mode to 1 (from default 3) but it seems not to show any difference (quite subjective observation, of course).

Does anyone have a suggestion how to get rid of this problem?

My Firmware is DMCP v3.13 (IFC 3.10) and the Program is 3.13/2.0.24. Hardware SN: 03910

Kind regards
Contact David @ swissmicros
He will probably ask you to make some test on your unit (or find its version, maybe) and give you hints on solving this problem.
In the meanwhile you can try to cycle through the various settings in Power Off mode and check if you see any difference.
Ok, one year later and i would like to share my experiences with this problem.

As akaTB suggested i contacted David at swissmicros and got a reply from Michael.
It shows that there was a problem with two capacitors in my calcluator.

Instead of returning the calculator for repair we found that it was more simple when Michael sends me replacement capacitors and i repair the calculator at home.
Please note that it was my prefered solution because i have a quite complete electronic lab at home. If i had prefered to send back the calculator it has been fine for Michael, too

A few days later i received the parts and Michael explained which parts to change. It only takes a few minutes to spot and replace the it.
I also started over with a new batterie and start observing...

One year later (now) the calculator still works with that (!) batterie. Ok, no heavy use at all because i only use it at home. But still regular use for the usual every day calculations.

Finally i'm realy impressed from the DM42 and from that excellent support :)

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