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Re: DM15L keyboard faceplate is separating

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:59 pm
by WillMarchant
find some thin round material such as the bodies of q-tips or thin food skewers and cut some lengths that will nest between the keys but cover most of the length of the faceplate.

I then used a couple of ratcheting clamps, although a book might do, to hold the faceplate in touch with the body of the calculator.

I found that you needed some gentle heat to then finish the adhering process.

My brand new 16L had black spots in the display and tech support suggested I heat it in the car while sitting in the sunshine. That worked well. And I had good luck with that technique again to get the faceplate to stick.

YMMV, and I suggest an email to tech support first...

Re: DM15L keyboard faceplate is separating

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:25 am
by CmdrSpock
It looks like my faceplate issue is gone now, with some help from Michael. I didn't even need to wait for a replacement part or unit. He explained that some foam pads added in a recent batch were too thick, bending the keyboard up slightly and preventing the plate from adhering to it. Here's what fixed the issue for me:
  • I opened up the calculator, removed the foam, and closed it back up.
  • With the faceplate off, I pressed the keyboard down carefully on the affected side.
  • I cleaned the space between the keys with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust or old adhesive stuck there.
  • I added a small amount of cyanoacrylate adhesive ("super glue") to the back of the faceplate, in a grid pattern.
  • I put the faceplate back onto the calculator without applying any pressure.
  • With some cotton swabs placed on top of the faceplate, between rows of keys, I put a couple of books on top to apply constant, even pressure to the faceplate. I left it that way for three or four hours.
The books came off roughly two days ago, and the faceplate hasn't moved. Using the calculator hasn't prompted the faceplate to pop up again, either. I didn't have any luck with the "book method" before removing the foam that was bending the keyboard slightly, so I'd suggest that anyone else with a similar problem check for keyboard shape issues before trying to reattach the plate.

Hats off to Michael for the helpful DIY repair instructions. We're lucky to be able to speak directly with the calculator designers about these kinds of problems—I suspect that with most companies, this would involve a long, unreliable mail-in repair process.

Re: DM15L keyboard faceplate is separating

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 5:31 pm
by blavis
I received my 16L with its faceplate coming up at the lower left corner, around the ON button. This isn't good because every time you press ON you're pressing down on the faceplate too and you'll hear it un-stick from the adhesive each time.

My solution was to use some glue I had on hand primarily for fixing watches: G-S Hypo Cement. It has a precision applicator, like a hypodermic needle, that let me get underneath the faceplate and apply a few small dots of glue along the bezel's edge without too much trouble.

Then I cut the ends off a q-tip and used a "chip clip" with rubber contact points (stole it off our bag of Sun Chips, haha) to clamp the q-tip down along the left edge of the faceplate for a few hours.

So far the glue is holding. Fingers crossed. This calculator is such a beauty and built so well otherwise. These damn faceplates though.

G-S Hypo Cement