New DM41L - Initial Thoughts

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New DM41L - Initial Thoughts

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Just some notes and first thoughts:

1) Ordering process very smooth and immediate confirmation.
2) No mention that that it comes with a very nice vinyl case
3) Shipping delivery to Wisconsin USA - 15 days - as best I can tell essentially all of that is with the USPS
4) Well packaged - absolutely no paperwork included - which actually was a pleasant surprise
5) Key feel is better than HP OEM for say HP-35s but perhaps not as good as HP OEM on a recent HP-12c - my 35 year old HP-15c is softer but very sure - some missed keying with the DM41L but time will tell with break-in and getting used to it
6) Some notes and thoughts about a potential future DM41L upgrade:
* Voyager Alternative key layout - while I use the i41CX+ and a real HP-41 and prefer the classic HP key layout - I think anyone that uses a Voyager series on a regular basis quickly adapts - I would vote to use the standard Voyager layout for the number pad and operator keys
* I prefer the HP style sloped front keys
* In looking at the DM42s and DM41X - I assume any upgrade to Voyager series would include full color shift keys
* It would be nice if the DM41L contained enough memory to load say 4 typical ROM packs so you had similar program availability to a real HP-41
* I continue to be surprised that SM doesn’t offer blank overlays for the DM42s and DM41X. It would be great if they provided overlay tab slots on their Voyager series. It would also be great if they offered blank overlays for the Voyager series.
7. I did have some difficulty adding a program with the SM tool - I got some help on the Forum and now understand it and have no issues - will post some notes separately
8. All in all I have very happy with the purchase and got it as an introduction to the SM line of products. I will likely add one of their flagship calculators in the future.

Cheers - Bill
Cheers - Bill Fleming
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