Wax your DM12,15,16 etc.

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Wax your DM12,15,16 etc.

Post by Harry »

When I got my calculators I noticed that the backs seemed to be a different
color from one another and also around the display was a bit overly rough.

I first applied a little Renaissance Wax on the bezel around the
display let it dry then buffed up the wax and it had a nicer feel.

Next I removed the back and using a cotton ball worked some
Renaissance Wax over the back covers it darkened it up bringing
the color more towards the color of the plastic of the front.
(I used a hair dryer to warm it making it easier to work into the back)

In the end the backs are about the same color, and they feel nicer to hold.

Note: Renaissance Wax is a clear wax that smells like shoe polish.
I've used it on Leather, Metal, Wood, plastic etc, and it works quite nicely.
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Re: Wax your DM12,15,16 etc.

Post by grsbanks »

Just for the avoidance of any doubt, this procedure of waxing the case of your calculator is neither suggested nor endorsed by SwissMicros. Should the wax product damage the calculator's casing in any way, this is not covered by the warranty.
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Re: Wax your DM12,15,16 etc.

Post by reavy »

It would be interesting to see pictures of the before and after.
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