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DM 41L missing * char.

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 11:48 am
by Lance Patrick
You should get a "*" when pressing "A" key "F"key "X" which is times sign not alpha X, this works like that on the 41CX and the titanium plate has the "*" indicated on it for this but the display shows X which is confusing, any one know why? A flash upgrade on the might solve the problem? It is ASCII code 42, is there any way to recall an ASCII code by instruction? They list all the codes so it should be possible it might be handy to recall the CHAR by instruction if you cant find in on the key board.

I am new to this calculator, makes interest programming, is much more fun than the more modern HP's which is too complicated for words I just program the formula needed on the 50g's but int his case I have an interest in user input therefore am trying to feel my way around things like Y or N , tables if possible to store a table in the RAM drive side and access the information later as the user makes inputs to what he is requiring, so I am looking for the *...which is missing on the 41L but not on the simulators or 41CX. I like the USR definable keyboard to run your own functions.

I think in this calculator you feel so much closer to what is going on inside, that it is more fun and exciting than modern programming you having to learn things by discovering . This generates the thought that a blank calculator should be made with a programming system to get kids to program their own user defined functions onto the calculator to understand their maths better as they go along. There could be not better way to learn about trig while programming your own "SIN COS and TAN" into the buttons for example.

I got 41L on the internet "used" the blue is coming off, I think they used a cleaning wipe or sanitiser, look at Bother Tape labels they use layers that can last for ever even in the direct sunlight, even thinners for fuel has no affect. I would think that a clear coating of sorts like clear plastic could protect the keys for years on end I hope you soon find the correct answer to the problem. :)

Re: DM 41L missing * char.

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 11:53 am
by grsbanks
When you press [alpha] [shift] × (multiplication) it's the multiplication sign × that you get, not an 'X'.

Re: DM 41L missing * char.

Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 9:08 pm
by Lance Patrick
Thank you the reply, yes I see now that the * was used in the older calculator as times, due to the limited graphics, I was hoping for *. I found that XTOA is the command to take a ASCII code to the Alpha register and found a X in there. A handy command there seems to be no limit to what this 41 can do, would have got the original but the display is small and the calculator large, find emulators on phones just turn off the whole time and messages in the middle of programming not nice at all. Therefore I think the 41L has some sort of future I am trying to make a cable selection program for power cable on it. If one day they make it with real keys and a plastic back lighter like a HP voyager I think I would buy it it even with what I have. Keep developing :D