Casing not snug in the centre

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Casing not snug in the centre

Post by Zaphod »

Just got my DM15 on Monday and I noticed on the front edge, where the top case meets the bottom section there is a small gap, only in the central area....perhaps 0.5mm
I can press the top frame down gently and close the gap fully, but it obviously springs back up afterwards

Presumably because of the lack of a screw here ..... or an internal central latch/catch

Anyone else ? .... or have I got a one-off ?
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Re: Casing not snug in the centre

Post by gmac42 »

My DM41L has that too, but only very slightly. It gets worse if you overtighten the mainboard screws a bit.
Definitely not 0.5 mm though, maybe 0.2 at most, in my case, so I don't mind.
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