DM41 is _not_ in the Voyager housing!

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Re: DM41 is _not_ in the Voyager housing!

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I see all the pictures in PDF file on macOS with Preview application.
PS: maybe it has been reported, picture legend is missing at page 18, 21 & 36.
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Re: DM41 is _not_ in the Voyager housing!

Post by rprosperi »

@Tom - Aha, gout it. You need to download the new (211129) version of the file, which was rebuilt with the images in the corrected path. The verison dated 211126 indeed does not show the images now.

Thanks to Sylvain for his note about the missing captions, it made me go look, and I still had the 21116 version, so I too could not see the problem.
--bob p

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Re: DM41 is _not_ in the Voyager housing!

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rprosperi wrote:
Tue Nov 30, 2021 2:29 am
The html versions have been corrected (probably .pdf files too). The images were being blocked in Chrome because it automatically blocks cross-site links under https://, so now fixed.

As for why one can't see them in a pdf file (e.g. from here: ... manual.pdf) I've no clue, I see them fine using Acrobat Pro DC, v2021.007.20099.
I see them now, too. Using the same DC as everyone else since it's automatically updated. v2021.007.20099.
Tom L

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