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multiple display modes

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I have a bunch of lathe collets that are imperial, really odd sizes displayed as a fraction that i want to convert to decimal and metric as i work in metric, if possible id like the stack to show say 12.70 then 0.500 and 1/2 is this possible to do?
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Re: multiple display modes

Post by Emy »

Hi Carl,

FDISP is a general display mode. Values are represented as either decimals or fractions, there's no way to change this individually per stack level (if that's what you mean).

You can enter values as fractions in any mode though.

As a note for anyone reading and as you probably know, the values you show can be displayed successively in the x-register, like this:
  • key in 1.27
  • [-->in]
  • [FDISP]
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