DM42pcm-3.19.7 released

Third parties may release their own firmware builds and announce them in this forum.

Please note that bugs found in these firmware releases should be posted in this same forum. SwissMicros provides no support for these firmware releases so in the event of a problem, please contact the author of the firmware in question.

When publishing your own build of the DM42 firmware, we require that you include a notice in your "About" screen informing the user that this version of the firmware is neither provided by nor supported by SwissMicros.
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DM42pcm-3.19.7 released

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The new version of the "Persistent Custom Menu" firmware mod can be downloaded from the releases page. For more info please read

  • Fixed crash when pressing shift during show command.
See the full changelog here:

Note: This firmware is neither provided by nor supported by SwissMicros

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