Chaged email address --> account locked out

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Chaged email address --> account locked out

Post by nlj2 »

I am usually "nlj" on these forums. In May I changed my email address in my account profile. Upon submitting that change, I was informed that my account would be de-activated pending moderator approval.

That approval doesn't seem to have happened yet, so I cannot log in. Without logging in, there doesn't seem to be a link to contact a moderator. On the SwissMicros website[1] Godwin ( (who seems not to be currently active) is listed as responsible for communications and moderation -- but an email to that email address on May 30th received no response.


I have made a new account ("nlj2") that I am posting this from, but I would prefer to use my old account if someone could re-activate it upon reading this. Otherwise, suggestions how to proceed to make this happen would be appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,
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Re: Chaged email address --> account locked out

Post by Emy »

Hi Neil,

please check your PM inbox.

Best regards
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