Attaching Hardware

The Beta programme is where a device becomes fully formed. If you have any suggestions for features to integrate into the DM41X then feel free to make them here. We can't guarantee that they'll all end up in the final product but we'll certainly consider all sensible proposals.
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Attaching Hardware

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I've had a look around but not found anything.

I'm curious as to why there is no facility for attaching hardware to the DM41X. The 41C had this capability and it was popular, to put it mildly. The processor in the DM41X is a microcontroller and it has GPIOs and many peripherals dealing with I/O. Have all the GPIOs been used up with the display and keyboard scanning?
I see some connectors on the PCB, do they attach to GPIOs?

Or is the idea to provide an IO capability through the USB port? Presumably when not in mass storage mode it could be an endpoint and allow a connection to an external controller? I don't see hooks for this in the firmware, but presumably it could be added? I do see an ACM output on the USB, but no input. Would it be possible to add one? Without these hooks you wouldn't be able to use your own program on top of DMCP as there's no access to the hardware.

Just one I2C bus would give a lot of options, over USB or SPI the speed rises.

Are there plans to add these sorts of hooks, or some other scheme for hardware attachment?

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Re: Attaching Hardware

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The DM41X was built on the same platform as the earlier DM42, which only had IR output.

There are no current plans to document or provide access through DMCP for any new or different IO, however things could change in the future and if so, it would be announced here in these Forums.

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