RAM in the 400-FFF range possible?

The Beta programme is where a device becomes fully formed. If you have any suggestions for features to integrate into the DM41X then feel free to make them here. We can't guarantee that they'll all end up in the final product but we'll certainly consider all sensible proposals.
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Re: RAM in the 400-FFF range possible?

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I think you misunderstand. At the moment, there is not enough actual physical RAM available to explore this, it is essentially all being used to implement the 41 memory address space, plus that used by the emulation layer, plus utility buffers and routines for managing files, etc.

Any change to reallocate memory would involve a lot of work to refactor the existing design, and would need serious justification to pursue. It's not that these ideas are not interesting, indeed new basic capabilities almost always leads to new applications that take advantage of them, but major changes need sufficient justification, which so far, has not materialized, but hopefully it will.
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