Blue Sky feature idea relating to flash memory

The Beta programme is where a device becomes fully formed. If you have any suggestions for features to integrate into the DM41X then feel free to make them here. We can't guarantee that they'll all end up in the final product but we'll certainly consider all sensible proposals.
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Blue Sky feature idea relating to flash memory

Post by jonmoore »

I fully understand that the emulation is a closed box sitting on top of the DM... OS but I was wondering if a 'back door' could be made available that:

- Provides programmatic access to both Modules and Raw files that live within the 41x portion of flash memory (not the extended USB disk storage).

I love the ease of importing programs into the emulation via CST and then just as easily edit/re-save/remove the files after use (or store in extended memory if the function is likely to be required again in the current session). But that made me wonder if a small number of bespoke commands could be created to manage this process programmatically and that in turn made me wonder at the possibility of swapping modules programmatically too.

I know it's been made clear that the emulation layer is effectively a closed box, and that there's no more room at the proverbial inn ref custom commands in the patched mainframe ROM's; but hey, if you don't ask, and all the jazz... 8-)
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Re: Blue Sky feature idea relating to flash memory

Post by RAPo »

sure would like this to happen.
Maybe, just maybe Meindert can make an apparatus that connects to the DM41X and subsequently gives us access to HP41X internals, just like his work on MLDL2000.
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Re: Blue Sky feature idea relating to flash memory

Post by MeinKuipers »

Wishful thinking ... functionality to have this kind of access would be nice though.
And the possibilities of IR communication (one way at least) are not exhausted, you could do much more than just printer emulation
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