High-Resolution Plot

The Beta programme is where a device becomes fully formed. If you have any suggestions for features to integrate into the DM41X then feel free to make them here. We can't guarantee that they'll all end up in the final product but we'll certainly consider all sensible proposals.
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Re: High-Resolution Plot

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toml_12953 wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:54 pm
Do you mean ymin and ymax? If so, I get a DATA ERROR after x=165. 110 is the last line printed when I do that.
Yes, sorry - I meant Ymin & ymax... it was just a hunch but proved wrong.
So I have revised the listing and it's correct. Further, I tried it on a 82143 thermal printer and it works as intended, so I guess the code needs to be tweaked for the IR printer somehow. I'll take a deeper look during the weekend.
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Re: High-Resolution Plot

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Threw it at my i41cx app under iOS.

SIN (x) from x=-180 to 180, ymin -1, ymax 1, 2.5 increment:
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