Stopwatch Jumps

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Stopwatch Jumps

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The stopwatch function on my DM41X behaves a bit weird as from time to time it adds about 30 hours and 29 minutes to the current elapsed time. From time to time means that I’ve seen this happening 2 minutes after starting the watch and sometimes it took more than 30 minutes to happen. The offset gets added, I had 90+ hours shown at some point.

Started from memory lost state, no other modules are loaded. Here’s a short demo video.

Can someone confirm this?

DMCP v3.18t02
DM41X V1.11t02
Clock correction: -19,1ppm

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Re: Stopwatch Jumps

Post by rprosperi »


In my case, there is no clock correction factor applied, and I have several modules and programs installed, but the basic bug did occur, sometime in the first 15 minutes. It seems to have added 30 hours and about 27 minutes (vs. 29) but I wasn't timing (or even watching) closely so my numbers are sloppy. I'll report it and thanks for noticing, the report and video!
--bob p

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Re: Stopwatch Jumps

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Possibly connected to this?
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