Keyboard Rollover Bug

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Mark Hardman
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Keyboard Rollover Bug

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Just received my DM41X yesterday (SN 00054). In testing the keyboard quality, I was entering the digits of Pi as rapidly as possible. I was always getting a result of 3.141592655. The root of the problem seems to be the way the 41X handles keyboard rollover.

On an HP-41, press the digit 5 and hold it, press the digit 4 and release the 5 then the 4. You'll get "54". Repeat these steps on a DM41X and the results will be 554.

Again, on an HP-41, press and hold 5, press 4 and release the 4 then release the 5. You will get "5". On the DM41X you will get "555".

IMO this is a serious bug.
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