Is there a Tip or Trick for doing this? Prompts on Alpha line

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Is there a Tip or Trick for doing this? Prompts on Alpha line

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It's my understanding that the Alpha line on the 41X, only updates when the emulator stops. But that's not ideal for what I want to do. I would have to use STOP command, enter data, then remember to use R/S to continue. But even that produces a result like this:

Enter X:
Enter X:

When I enter X, the first line displays what I entered. It's marginally ok, but I would prefer to use it a little more automatically.

Is there any way of halting the emulator (like a pause, wait, or something, that will restart, upon sensing some entry?

So, I was hoping there was a Tip or Trick to do this.

I would like the bottom 2 lines to work like this:

[Some program section] (like calculate area) or (calculate circumference)
[Some Prompt for data} (like prompt for Radius or something

Enter data and the first line disapears, but does not transfer to 2nd line.
After entering data, the program continues.

Is that even possible, without using STOP and R/S?

And let me ask a possibly more stupid question. Is it possible to display different ALPHA text on line 1 than line 2?. There is only one alpha register, but line 1 is some alpha displayed on line 1. Is it possible to clear that, with program, and not have it ever be displayed on line 2, so that you can do something like this:

Line 2: ProgXYZ
Line 1: PromptX
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