DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

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DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by PierreMengisen »

Great upgrade !!
Good job. Thanks a lot.
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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by rprosperi »

There is a new 'BETA-3' DM41X release available on the SM site here (as Pierre discovered!):

(file DMCP_flash_3.18t03_DM41-1.11t08.bin)

This is a brief summary of the DM41X changes in this release:

- Added Module ROM Map screen ([shift] [SETUP] [2] [5])
.....Currently installed modules shown in the right column (module-1, module-2, etc.)
.....Viewing Pages 0-7 or 8-F toggled by F1 key
.....F2 key toggles display of ROM Number (internal) vs. ROM ID
- Fixed strange jumps by more then 30 hours in StopWatch mode
- Fixed weak response to [R/S] key in CAT-4 ([R/S] key to stop CAT display did not always respond)
- Fixed up/down key response in catalogs (including HEPAX extended CAT modes)
- New menu item for deleting modules from flash memory ([shift] [SETUP] [2] [3])
.....Removes current AM configuration, and clears all modules installed in Flash (but not in FAT /MODS folder)

These changes were made to DMCP in this release:

- Fixed labels for date format change in 'Set Date' screen to match 'Set Time' time format change.
- Fixed file filtering problem in file list screens
--bob p

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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by Dan Simpson »

Thanks, Bob!

I loaded the update and all is well so far.
I LOVE the module map screen! This is very helpful.

Thank you and the SwissMicros guys for your hard work!
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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by MeinKuipers »

Thanks for the update, great work on the ROM map!
Regards from NL,
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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by smp »

I've loaded the update - flawless as usual.
Thanks a million for this excellent calculator with this excellent support!

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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by Geoff Quickfall »

Thanks for the update! What a pleasure the update routine is.

Olivier de Nantes
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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by Olivier de Nantes »

Again, ...

Very very nice job !!

Olivier de Nantes (Bretagne)

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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by RAPo »

Thanks for this. Many thanks and indeed the update routine is so smooth, heaven on earth compared to the early days DM42.
I've tested the new functionality: works as described.
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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by jwhsu »

Just updated, no issues. Really like the module map. Really helps with figuring out which port the module is plugged into and identifying conflicts. Thanks.
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Re: DM41X v1.11t08: 2020-03-30

Post by Jean-Marc_B »


Thank you for this update. It works well. The Module ROM Map option is fine.

Thank you again for your work.

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