Waiting for DM41X in New York

Discussion about the new DM41X calculator
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Waiting for DM41X in New York

Post by jasmith »

Hi All,

I ordered the DM41X on Jan 2 shipping to a rural address north of NYC. The shipping email came on Jan 4th but so far no sign of the calculator in the mail. I sent an email to SwissMIcros on Jan 23rd but did not get any response. I am worried that this might get lost on the way. Should I give up, say Feb 4th?

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Re: Waiting for DM41X in New York

Post by pcscote »

Package from Europe to Canada currently takes between 4 to 8 weeks of shipping time.
Since we are on the same continent, I assume it is the same for USA.
If I were you I would start worrying in March.
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Re: Waiting for DM41X in New York

Post by ctrclckws »

Probably stuck in customs at JFK Airport.
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Re: Waiting for DM41X in New York

Post by tanveerg@gmail.com »

Got mine in 12 days. Too bad SM doesn't offer the tracked shipment option.
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Re: Waiting for DM41X in New York

Post by rprosperi »

I'm located not too far away, about an hour NW of Manhattan and shipments from SM to me have taken between 12-25 days over the past few months, so I'd say you'll probably get it pretty soon.
--bob p

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