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DM 41X an emotion, or an ordinary calculator.

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:04 pm
by Ancient Sailor
Today, for the third time, I received the flat cardboard box from Switzerland containing the DM41X.
When unpacking it, an emotion came over me, which I did not have with the DM15L and the DM42.
It came from the realisation that the HP41CX was never designed to be an ordinary calculator. It has become a life-long journey. I have been ashore for 3 years now and thought will never again shoot a navigation star for a position on earth. But I will give the DM41x a chance to honour the magic of classic navigation.
To all who made this possible, thank you for making this DM41X a beautiful and worthy successor to the HP41CX.

Kind regards
Rupert Van Swol