new BETA version of M2kM available for handling .ram files

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new BETA version of M2kM available for handling .ram files

Post by MeinKuipers » Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:44 pm

It is now possible to open .ram files with M2kM. This will create a number of.rom files which can be handled in the MOD File tab to create a MOD file for use in V41, DM41X, MLDL2000 or a .rom file for the 41CL, Clonix/NoVRAM or MLDL2000.

I have a new BETA available for M2kM. Many, many changes under the hood, here are the most important:
- various bugs fixed
- many improvements in the disassembler
- support for DM41X .ram files, these are split into individual .rom files, the first
rom image is opened
- hex dump of ROM images now possible
- can recognize 41CL ROM images using upper bits
- disassembler supports 41CL WCMD instruction, does NOT decode useage of upper bits (yet)
- possibility to list 41CL FLDB .rom files (IMDB file support coming)
- FAT listing supports 41CL CRC
- listing from MLDL2000 supports checksum and CRC (slow), use checkbox upper right

Files can be downloaded here: ... KMlBa?dl=0

This is a BETA! No warranty, so protect your data. Please let me know of any possible improvements, additions or bugs.
Regards from NL,
Meindert Kuipers DM41X #48

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Re: new BETA version of M2kM available for handling .ram files

Post by rprosperi » Sun Oct 11, 2020 3:05 pm

As I acknowledged on the MoHPC Forum, but well worth doing so here as well, thanks so much Meindert for supporting the 41X and updating M2kM, it will be VERY useful for customizing .mod files and further lowering the barrier for interested users to start exploring some more advanced uses of the 41X.
--bob p

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