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Key combinations

Post by Markeporter »

I'm new to the world on DMxx calculators, and have stumbled across the page. There are some nice key combinations there, which are applicable to the DM1x and DM41. Will there be equivalents for the DM41x? I've not had any success trying them; e.g. [CHS] + [ON] which are applicable to both the DM1x and DM41. I expected some of these to work as I'm guessing they are implemented in the DMCP layer. Maybe I'm not doing it right...
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Re: Key combinations

Post by rprosperi »

No, those key sequences are only for the models in the Voyager/Landscape layout, which (internally) is a totally different platform from the DM42/41X/43.

But many of the same/similar/analogous settings changes can be made through easier to use menus in both the DMCP system and the Application Settings menus, which are described in the manuals.

If you can't find something you are looking for, feel free to post a followup question.
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