Looking for XRCL and XSTO

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Re: Looking for XRCL and XSTO

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Thanks for the bug report. It has been fixed and will be made available thru the usual channels soon.
See pages 38-52 in the XMTwin Manual for the XMMatrix stuff.
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Re: Looking for XRCL and XSTO

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Ah my bad...stopped reading at "Ulam’s Conjecture"....

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Looking for XRCL and XSTO

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Boub65 wrote:
Fri Nov 18, 2022 5:35 pm
Hi all,
I am looking to some kind of (efficient) read/write registers from eXtended memory from/to the stack.

In fact I need lots of registers for my program so I thought using directly eXtended memory "as" standard memory whitout the hassle of using "datafiles" and copy/store to main memory..

Does XRCL XSTO exist somewhere?
Thanks (and sorry for the "nooby" question)
You can take a look at my Boost41 module https://github.com/hth313/boost41/releases it provides prompting versions for accessing X memory data files as ordinary data registers. It requires my OS4 module https://github.com/hth313/os4/releases
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