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Hi ,

I am wondering how to develop the module in MCODE? I have read the MODE for Beginners (by Ken Emery). I still got no clue where to write my code? Do I input the mcode on the dm41 itself or do I need any sdk for my computer if there is?

If anyone can share a sample mcode source code that will be very appreciate.

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There are many ways to develop mcode, I have recently published some guidelines (targeted at the HP41CL), can be downloaded at ... 20v1.0.pdf. Chapter 13 describes the options and possible tools. Doing this on the DM41X is a bit different.
Good reading stuff is the HEPAX manual Volume 2, this gives a good understanding on the ROM structure, and loading HEPAX with HEPRAM in your DM41X is always a good idea. The mcode example (page 153) in the HEPAX manual will take you through the first steps,

Good luck with mcode!
Regards from NL,
Meindert Kuipers DM41X #48
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