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Auto custom

Post by ljubo » Mon Jul 13, 2020 10:39 pm

CUSTOM menu behaviour makes sense for HP-42s but not for DM42 with its dedicated custom keys (F-Buttons). In addition, functions assigned to DM42 F-Buttons (top row) are not frequently used - at least I'm not using them frequently :D

I wanted a persistent custom menu, so, I have slightly changed Free42 code to enter custom menu automatically.
Custom menu becomes practically the system ground state and can't be exited with some exceptions:
  1. Shift-CUSTOM activates default DM42 F-Button functionality
  2. In the Prgm mode Exit will exit custom menu - makes easy to access up and down arrows
  3. Entering other menus will of course exit Custom menu
The implementation is kind of hack. I tried first to implement it cleanly and make Custom the root menu of the system, however, the state machine of Free42 is quite complicated, and the state without menus is not a menu itself making such implementation not simple.

Attached is the patch file with the source code based on Free42 2.5.16
Auto-custom patch for Free42
(909 Bytes) Downloaded 13 times

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