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Re: WP34S for the DM42

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Previously the WP 34C and WP 34S calculators had different memory layouts. On the original hardware this was because extra RAM (which came from two program steps) was needed for the flags used by complex lock mode, and this carried over to the WP 34C on the DM42 hardware.

This has now changed. Some of the flags needed on the original calculator (e.g., contrast, fast/slow) aren't used on the DM42. By reclaiming these flags it has been possible to fit everything into the memory layout of the original WP 34S. (Just!) This means that there is no longer any reason to have a WP 34S branch without complex lock mode.

So now the master branch of the gitlab repository now contains a WP 34S with all features, including complex lock mode! The WP 34C branch has all of the same features, but a non-standard memory map and two fewer program steps.

There is absolutely no need for people who have been using the WP 34C program to change across (although you should update your program file and copy across a new help file, help/wp34c_help.html). I'll apply any bug fixes or enhancements to both branches. If you do change across you will find that the WP 34S boots up with the same library contents as your WP 34C, but with no programs or data in RAM. This isn't a problem. You can either save programs that you care about to library first (this is common to both programs), or:
  • Having EXITed the WP 34C program, enable the USB disk and connect your calculator to your computer.
  • Go to wp34s/ and copy/rename wp34c.dat to wp34s-backup.dat
  • Now, when you start up the wp34s program it will load the state of your wp34c machine into its backup region.
  • You can copy the programs from backup into RAM using the LOADP command, in the P.FCN catalogue.
  • The data, statistics, and stack register contents can not be easily transferred due to the different memory layouts. If this is a huge problem for you, I suggest you leave things as they are.
  • Having copied the programs, press OnSTO from the SETUP menu to create a backup with the correct memory map.
As mentioned above, if you are staying with the WP 34C program there is a new help file, help/wp34c_help.html. You'll need to copy this into your help/ folder if you update as the WP 34C programs now look for this file when HELP is pressed.

There is also more documentation in the help/ folder in the git repository, in both branches.

I hope this is clear!

Nigel (UK)
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Re: WP34S for the DM42

Post by Jaymos »

Well done Nigel!

I will certainly try it out!
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