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First I am not bitching and realize that SM is a small company with a big interesting vision, which I support.

I was just about to order a DM42 when I noticed that my recently purchased DM41L has a "disappearing alpha keyboard." I have no idea how many units SM is shipping but my s/n is 01109.

1) Is this a common problem with all their products? or unique to "L" series? I do see issues with the "yellow" coming off on the Flagship Series.

2) I sent a note to "Support" but received no reply or receipt acknowledgment.

3) Their return policy is that you have to first contact them. Without two way communication is that "notify" them then return?

4) Again I realize they are small and busy. I want to support them but at the same time I would like my issue on their list, and know it is on their list. It really isn't a big deal but I can't further feed my SM habit until a path to resolution is defined.

I am a partner in a small tech company and while we are slammed until January...after that I may offer to put up a ticketing system for them so that customer issues get acknowledged and they have a way to manage the tickets. This isn't saying they don't have that now, but at present it isn't acknowledging support submissions.

Cheers - Bill
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