Price Difference DM42 and DM41X

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Price Difference DM42 and DM41X

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Really just wondering why the price difference? The build seems similar. The DM41X notes Gorilla Glass but it looks like they probably both have. Is it really the internal build? Market volume? I can't decide which to buy and frankly given the great reviews they are both probably under priced and so it isn't a money thing just wondering. Frankly since this is in my case a "nerd lux item" would probably pay more to work out any build quality issues.

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Re: Price Difference DM42 and DM41X

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I believe the DM41X is based on proprietary software and so there is some additional “material” cost associated with it.

DM42 is based on Free42, which is freeware under the GPL and could maybe be argued to maybe possibly be less expensive (perhaps).

Also, the DM41X is a more desirable product than the DM42 for enough customers that the higher price is justified. The various HP 41 calculators (HP 41 CX) on which the DM41X is based are more functional than the HP 42 that came later… by certain personal standards, measurements, and preferences, etc., etc.

Really, you should just buy both and be twice as happy than if you had purchased only one ;)
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