Memory screen really remembers a long time

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Memory screen really remembers a long time

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Fairly offtopic, but in case anyone is wondering..
Due to this corona cr*p terrorising the world, I have not been home the last 8 months and I left in November '20 leaving my DM42 behind.

Just got home after the mentioned absence and took my DM42 out of the pouch. And yes; the screen picture was still there and not even faded. :)
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Re: Memory screen really remembers a long time

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Its not really an e paper screen but it uses almost nothing from the battery.
I have my second DM41X in another location and didn't use it for some months.
(I am in a similar 2 country/continent situation)
The battery was already low and after that is didn't want to start any more but the image was still there.
My HP41's are retired now for normal work mainly because of the good screen and computer connectivity of the DM41X.
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