Can the DM41X DM42 Screen Get Image Burn?

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Can the DM41X DM42 Screen Get Image Burn?

Post by Weegie »

Probably a silly question but thought I'd ask

The standard OFF state cycles a series of images. I prefer just to have one image (or perhaps none if necessary) and it ocurred to me that pehaps it could burn a ghost image into the screen over time.

I know that this isn't really so much of a problem these days and was more an issue with old CRT monitors on computers

However as I really don't know anything about screen technology I thought I'd ask the question
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Re: Can the DM41X DM42 Screen Get Image Burn?

Post by moonwalker »

I know with TFT screens you can get not so much image burn as much as stuck pixels. It manifests like a ghost version of whatever image that part of the screen was showing for a long time over the current image. E.g. at work I had a faint Visual Studio icon overlaying my task bar even when no Visual Studio was running at the moment. To date I've observed this issue only on twisted nematic (TN) TFT LCD displays. I have no idea whether (what I assume to be) Polymer Network LCD (other name for Sharp's Memory LCD) has the same issue or not, but my guess is more likely it doesn't.
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Re: Can the DM41X DM42 Screen Get Image Burn?

Post by rprosperi »

While I can't say it's impossible, there has never been any report of, or evidence of this happening, so it's extremely unlikely to occur. Also, I have older DM4x machines that have sat untouched for a year, that showed no sign of ghosting when turned on.
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