Question about the DM41X User Interface

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Question about the DM41X User Interface

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24h into using DM41X and I have some questions about the User Interface :

1) Save RAW file: why do we have to go through ALPHA register to give the name of the program we want to save and then switch to DMCP menus to finish saving?
This half DM41X program/half DMCP program process is "bizarre"!
Why not either a "100% DM41X program" such as SAVEP that would save "name.raw" in FAT if "name" is in ALPHA, or a "100% DMCP program" like in DM42 with the selection of the program to save through a list?

2) why do we have to save 3 different "state" files : param.cfg, states and keys?
I understand that they are different in memory (some in DM41X and some in DMCP), but isn't it the role of a good User Inteface to hide all the low level plumbing to the user?
In DM42 all keys, param and state are stored in a single state file...

3) Why are the DMCP menus in DM41X different from DM42?
we find a "RAW" reference do file in file menu in DM41X and not in DM42
we have the state save/load in file menu in DM41X, but they have their own menu in DM42

4) we could also have a Print menu also in DM41X, just like DM42, that encapsulates the load and activation of the print module for the user (always the "hide the plumbing for the user") and give access to the one print parameter that is in settings

I understand that DM41X is different from DM42... but DMCP is DMCP... so the DMCP UI should be constistent across the plateform!

Just my 0.02 cents...
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