Program with lot of data DM42 and DM41X

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Program with lot of data DM42 and DM41X

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Hello all,
I have a programm with lot of data (static data)... 5 lists of 17 reals each... or a 5x17 matrix of data...

What would be the best way to code these data in DM42 and DM41X so they can be accessed by my program?

DM42 : Keying data and storing to successive registers in my program, and then use indirect RCL to access them.

DM41 : same...
I though of using a file with my data in extended memory and then access it in the program... but I found no way of storing/retreiving these data from fat when they are in extended memory! So I can save my program, but not the data.

Any advice would be welcome 🙏

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