May 2021 Speculations

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Re: May 2021 Speculations

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Walter wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:09 pm
What do you mean by "standard" floating point mode? ALL? I've grown up with SCI, ENG, FIX and like them.
Yes. It's sometimes called ALL in HP parlor. Too bad HP-35s doesn't display them right. They are more convenient for values near zero and gives better resolution when 3 segments aren't used for the exponent. "FIX" mode is, I think, the least useful mode (at least for non economics use) and having floating point, ENG and SCI is more convenient. But there should be absolutely nothing to prevent keeping FIX even if you have a "ALL" mode. Btw, one function that some el cheapo chinese chipset has (in some Sharp calculators, and lots of noname junk) is a button for simply toggle between a floating point mode and SCI mode, just for the X register. I've always wondered why not real calculators like HPs could have that amazingly simple and convenient button (sometimes called F-E).
Walter wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:09 pm
Imagine that. Especially at night, the unit conversation must be fun to listen.
Yeah, the sound is unbearable when you have to get into menus to turn it off! :D I think you know that I meant conversion.
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