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Hi - It has been a while since I've visited your site. Looks like you have been quite busy improving your calculators. I really like what you have done to the DM42! And the DM41X sounds very interesting. My question is: Have you implemented a spreadsheet app into any of your calculators? I bought a HP Prime about 18 months ago and have used only its spreadsheet app since buying it. All of my HP42S programs have been converted over into spreadsheets. Structural engineering programs, flight testing programs, air navigation, geometry, statistics, math, finance, etc. - All have gone from RPN programs to spreadsheets. Anyway, please let me know if any of your calculators has a spreadsheet application. Thank you. - Jim Williams (Jim_W)
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Re: Spreadsheets

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Hi there,

I'm afraid they don't.

The DM41X is a reproduction of the HP-41CX and the HP-41CX never had a spreadsheet program unless one of the numerous extension modules provided one, in which case you're in luck.

The DM42 is a reproduction of the HP-42S, which also didn't have a spreadsheet program unless written by a third party, in which case it will be able to run that third party program.
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