Who are the admins?

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Who are the admins?

Post by cappy »


I’ve just got spammed in a PM, I would like the admins to
delete/block the sender.

Has anyone else been getting spammed?
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Mark Hardman
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Re: Who are the admins?

Post by Mark Hardman »

Everyone is getting spammed. Add StollotoPete to your "Foe" list to block his PMs.
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Re: Who are the admins?

Post by grsbanks »

This user is no more. Please all delete those spammy messages.

Apologies for that one. I should have guessed that something like this would happen when I saw the username, but the e-mail address and IP address used to sign up didn't ring alarm bells.

Sometimes these pond scum make it through the sign-up filters (large blocks of IP addresses commonly used by spammers are blocked from signing up, as are well-known spammers' domains) so I rely on your reports to keep the place clean when one does slip through.
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