Fancy Leather Cases

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Re: Fancy Leather Cases

Post by RAPo »

Very nice. Ordered the top one.
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Re: Fancy Leather Cases

Post by ijabbott »

I'm not really in the market for a leather case, but I think the pouch with the stitching on the inside looks the best:

The wallet style one was always going to be difficult to get right. I don't think it quite succeeds, especially as the top row of blank keys below the screen seem to be covered up by the leather strip. Those keys actually get used a lot during normal operation of the DM42.
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Re: Fancy Leather Cases

Post by Almudena »

Of course all the keys are exposed, I have made a model of the calculator, although perhaps in the photographs it is not appreciated well. I sincerely believe that this case can work without any problem.
I have studied the possibilities of the three models and I believe that any of them will work perfectly as a cover and protection for the calculator.
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