WP34S overlay and cable

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Re: WP34S overlay and cable

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greggp wrote:
Mon Aug 23, 2021 7:09 pm
Jaymos wrote:
Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:25 pm
I still have some (limited supply) vinyl sticker overlays left. See the links below to the Windows simulator graphics files which correspond with the overlay variations I have. At least those that I still have left are listed, not all the combinations I had.

I have:

Gloss: WP34C eRPN: More than 10 sets left: WP34C above key with ERPN

Matte: WP34C eRPN: 5 sets left: WP34C above key with ERPN

Matte: WP34S: 4 sets left: WP34S above key labels

The eRPN stickers can be used for both eRPN and non-eRPN versions as there are 2x title labels. Both WP34C variations however have in the space below the 0 "ENTRY RPN" which you may or may not like. The WP34S has none of the kind.

Still have any of these available?
There are no vanilla 34S sticker sets left. There are a few of the other sets referred to above left. I will count them and post here, when I am back home this coming weekend.
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Re: WP34S overlay and cable

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Thanks Kindly...
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