WP34S overlay and cable

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Leo de Blaauw
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Re: WP34S overlay and cable

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If you still have the stickers available jaco i would be also interested.

Jaymos wrote:
Thu Apr 22, 2021 6:49 pm
The links were simulator skins, because I made those simulator skins to match the equivalent vinyl stickers for the 30B. I thought it was clear that I was referring to the stickers, but clearly not ;). I did not have convenient pictures of the stickers, hence the sim bitmap references. They are not meant to be printed, but with a little photoshopping maybe they can. For those bitmaps I did not pay attention to the proportions of the actual calculator keyboard, but instead I tweaked the proportions to fit the simulator requirement, which has slightly different proportions to the calculator.

In a document I recently re-discovered after Nigel made his DM42 implementation of the 34S, there is a picture down in Section 8. I still did not make good photos of the sticker sets, so see the link inside for photos of the stickers here.

The "blue slant" buttons are my personal preference. I also had an original 34S sheet somewhere but I did not like it and never fitted it. I saw the blue slants first on a special version printed by Eric, reported on the forum, and liked it so much that I adopted it in my own version. A quick Google brought me to this page, which likely is the one I first saw: [url=https://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwra ... ead=211646[/url[here]

Why did I like it? I never questioned myself, and just made it. Maybe because my old 11C had blue slant print. Probably.
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Re: WP34S overlay and cable

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I do have. I will send pm.
Jaco Mostert
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