DM42 delivery to California USA

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DM42 delivery to California USA

Post by amafan »

I received my DM42 Ser.#6476 yesterday. I ordered it on Oct. 15 from Amazon and it arrived 8 days later. Not bad. My DM41X order shipped Sept. 28 and arrived in Oct. 14. Just thought I'd pass that on.
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Re: DM42 delivery to California USA

Post by martin »

Ordered DM41X on Thursday and received shipment notice on Friday November 6. So we'll see how I do in the gap between ballots and Black Friday shopping. Shipping to the California Bay Area.

I should add, the thing that tipped me to the DM41X over modding an HP41 was the quality of the display.

UPDATE: arrived Wednesday November 18. So 12 days.

(and it is very nicely done)
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