i have a(nother) stupid question

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Re: i have a(nother) stupid question

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i had to return the first hp48g because of a column of keys which would go in and out depending on if you flexed the case or not but the seller got an identical one in (updated display and 128k ram) and i've been banging on it for a couple days now inputting programs. not sure if i'm going to go to the trouble of getting a cable and using the mac to communicate with it or not, i probably should considering the hours i've invested in typing in programs.

anyway, i know i'm way off topic but i cannot find the answer to a couple of things that nag at me. the first involves the /archive/ function. i used 0:bkup: and now when i try to archive again to that location or file it won't let me do it. i can't find out how to view the archived object so that i might delete or rename it.

[later note: just found what i think worked to purge it. '0:bkup purge'. at least it didn't return an error message like the first part did. '0:bkup: detach'.]

[later later note: found how to view it. left shift /library/ and then /ports/. the /detach/ function doesn't seem to work, but i found a left shift /purg/ function on the /eex/ key and i'm able to delete the libraries there and start a new archive.]

the other thing is that it has an outstanding ohms law program in the equation library using multiple equations and a multi equation solver. genius! i've spent nearly a week trying to combine some equations in ohms law and failing time after time. and i know i can access it simply by going to /eq lib/ /electricity/ /ohms law/ but i'd like to be able to access it from my my /var/ or /cst/ menus by writing a program that goes to the eq lib and brings up the ohms law equations into the multi solver. i can get to the eq lib by using 114.2 MENU, but it's just as many keystrokes as bringing it up manually. does anyone know whether it's possible to write a program which will load an equation into the multi solver? or another way to approach the problem? i realize it might be because the eq lib is in rom.

thanks mucho! /guy
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Re: i have a(nother) stupid question

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I think further HP48 questions would be better on the HPM site.

[I don't have an answer myself]
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