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First impression

Post by jayhawk » Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:43 pm

I started out in the 80s with a 41c with a card reader.
I was amazed then, and now i'm amazed again.

Between the 41 and this DM42 has been several. You only have to be exposed to RPN for a few seconds to be addicted for life.

For now i have:
a 35s, cool but not too cool. Kind of classic in it's own way.

a 50g, cool and almost too cool. I love RPL (i know many of you hate it), but i love it. Especially i love it's ability to solve multiple non linear eqs.

a Prime, who put the HP logo on that?

and then, about a month ago, i found a DM42 in my mailbox. I can't describe the feeling when i turned it on for the first time. But you all know the situation where a certain colour or smell brings you back in time. The DM42 brought me back and forth; back to basic and forth to that amazing display. And in the middle lies the unique build quality.

Back to basic is thrilling, but so is my 50g (it is not wrong to call it an open platform?).

In my honest world there are two calculators to receive gold medals the 50g and the DM42.

Michael, Thomas and The Man Behind the Curtain - You got my deepest respect.

Best regards.

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