How did you discover SwissMicros?

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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

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It is kind of a funny story.
I like to go to thrift stores, and one day, i found a HP calculator i had not seen before. It was an HP42s. I tried to turn it on, but it did not work.
It was probably flat batteries, I thought, for the calculator looked almost new.
I decided to risc buying it, as it cost only about $1.5 - I kid you not! :shock:
When I got home, I put new batteries in it, and it switched on without problems, and have been in my possesion ever since.
I am an old hand with HP calculators, and it took me about 10 minutes to fall completely in love with this calculator, but i could see that it was much more advanced than my previous HP calculators, so I needed a manual.
There are many websites, that offer manuals, but most of them want payment. Eventually, I the Free42 website.
I got the manual from the Free42 website, For free :D and saw that there was an app, I could download to my smartphone.
The app was of course Thomas Okken's HP42 emulator,which ran at a speed and precision, that put the original calculator to shame.
There was a link to Swissmicros, which i checked out, and found the DM42.
It took a long time for me to decide, if I wanted a DM42, it was expensive, and I already had an HP42s, but eventually, I ordered it.
It is, hands down, the best calculator I have ever had. :D
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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

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Dave Jones (EEVBLOG) tries the DM42

Guess that was the best SwissMicros marketing ever !
First tried Free42 on my phone and computers but soon i ordered my first SwissMicros, obviously a DM-42
Not cheap, but certainly worthwhile !
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