How did you discover SwissMicros?

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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by Jvi »

It is kind of a funny story.
I like to go to thrift stores, and one day, i found a HP calculator i had not seen before. It was an HP42s. I tried to turn it on, but it did not work.
It was probably flat batteries, I thought, for the calculator looked almost new.
I decided to risc buying it, as it cost only about $1.5 - I kid you not! :shock:
When I got home, I put new batteries in it, and it switched on without problems, and have been in my possesion ever since.
I am an old hand with HP calculators, and it took me about 10 minutes to fall completely in love with this calculator, but i could see that it was much more advanced than my previous HP calculators, so I needed a manual.
There are many websites, that offer manuals, but most of them want payment. Eventually, I the Free42 website.
I got the manual from the Free42 website, For free :D and saw that there was an app, I could download to my smartphone.
The app was of course Thomas Okken's HP42 emulator,which ran at a speed and precision, that put the original calculator to shame.
There was a link to Swissmicros, which i checked out, and found the DM42.
It took a long time for me to decide, if I wanted a DM42, it was expensive, and I already had an HP42s, but eventually, I ordered it.
It is, hands down, the best calculator I have ever had. :D
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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by coolepascal »

Dave Jones (EEVBLOG) tries the DM42

Guess that was the best SwissMicros marketing ever !
First tried Free42 on my phone and computers but soon i ordered my first SwissMicros, obviously a DM-42
Not cheap, but certainly worthwhile !
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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by RJvM »

By accident, browsing YouTube for RPN calculators. What a surprise, I should have visited the hpmuseum more often. Also, what a relief to be able to buy a new great calculator again, like the DM41x, DM42 and DM41L (still waiting for this last one to arrive).
User since 1976 (HP-25) and 1980 (HP-41) and a collector for many years I now own all the important ones: HP-35, 45, 55, 65, 67, 97, 21, 25, 34, 10-16, 41, 42, 71, 48, 50.The wonderful DM41x +L +42 have made me look forward to new calculators again!
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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by giubin »

My lovely cousin died. I grew up with him. He loved electronics, was a great electronic engineer. Both, as students, I grew up with his sharp el-506p, but he talk me always about this “strange” and unknown RPN. Growing up, he teach me always something new (failing with English🙂), and after, with schools, I dived into electronic and telecommunication (I’m a fake, compared to him). Programming and with hardware debugging, I start to knew the importance of the RPN, but never had together the opportunity to get an RPN calc. Now I’m doing that. My first step was with the hp 50g (that I love), and discovering around, studying this beauty, I came across SwissMicros, especially with the David jones’s tear down. My new dm42 and dm16l are on the way, for sure the last one will help me in hardware debugging.

P.s. I’m one of those who want a 48GX replica 🤣 and yes, I saw the thread about 2021 speculation on this awesome forum…
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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by rexbinary »

Hello all,

I recently purchased a HP-41CV from eBay to replace the one I used to have. After doing so I joined a HP-41C group on Facebook. Moments into browsing the group I see someone's post about their new SwissMicros. After educating myself on SwissMicros I ordered both the DM41X and the DM42 and then ended up here. I won't be joining anymore Facebook groups as it seems to negatively impact my wallet. :lol:
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Re: How did you discover SwissMicros?

Post by AntoniusFX »

I was looking to buy a new HP calculator on Amazon, while reading through the comments someone suggested Swissmicros instead of HP. I did bye a HP35s, and I am very happy with it. Next inline is a Dm15L and then a Dm42. I really regret selling my HP48G years ago.
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