Two units - different statistic registers

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Two units - different statistic registers

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I have two DM42 units. For unknown reasons and despite using a proper USB cable, both got corrupted during a recent file transfer. After resetting both I uploaded programs to the first unit, configured it, saved the state file, copied the content to the other unit and on that one loaded the the state file. I guess they should behave in exactly the same way.

While playing with a newly acquired DM15L I ran the statistics tutorial from the HP15C manual and found that on of the two DM42 the content of R11...R16 to be as expected. On the other unit everything is shifted by one register, i.e., the content of R11 on unit a is in R12 of unit b.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

EDIT: Just went back to clean state on the 2nd unit -> registers filled as expected. Loaded the state file from the first unit again and still the registers look OK. Not sure what caused this (my) confusion.

EDIT 2: I guess I played with ΣREG and did something silly there. Case closed.
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