menu on when entering program...

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menu on when entering program...

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Hi all,
Am I the only one that finds annoying the fact that when entering program mode, we naturally want to use the up/down arrows to parse the program and find ourselves stuck in the displayed menus?

It seems natural to me, although I agree that I am no reference on the matter, that entering prgm mode should hide the menus to be able to use the up/down arrows. I'd rather spend "maybe" one key stroke requesting for the menu rather than spending "for sure" one key stroke hiding the menu to use up/down arrows.

BTW, I know that [Shift-SST] and [Shift-BST] both work with the menus dislayed, but I never use them because you have to do 2 keys strokes each time to move one line (it is not efficient) and go always for the up/down arrows to parse a program.

EDIT: instead of having one Menu on/off state, we should have two states, one for program mode and one for calculator mode. And in program mode we toggle the state and find it when we are back... same in calc mode... It would allow to leave calc mode with menus on, go to program mode and find menus off, than find menus on when we leave program mode for calc mode.

Just my 0.02 centimes
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