DMCP-3.21 cannot load program in a subdirectory

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DMCP-3.21 cannot load program in a subdirectory

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To try alternative firmwares and/or Nigel's WP 34s port, I thought I'd keep the root directory tidy and create a /FW directory to hold the various .pgm files. However, it seems that the Load Program option in the DMCP menu fails to open a .pgm file contained in a subdirectory. It strips the directory and tries to load the base filename from the root directory.

For example, with Nigel's wp34s_top.pgm in the /FW directory, using the file browser in DMCP's Load Program menu to open the file displays the following (top line in reverse colours):
Load DMCP Program //FW/wp34s_top.pgm
File: wp34s_top.pgm

Program load error:
Cannot open file.
Press any key
If there happens to be a file with the same name in the root directory, then it will load that one instead.
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