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Representation of numbers in PRGM mode

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 4:25 am
by Florian
I was very happy when with free42 2.5.23 we got "Better handling of number lines: the visual difference between equivalent representations of a number is now preserved, so 1000 stays 1000 and is not turned into 1E3". Even though technically equivalent, looking for example at 16605390666E-37 it is really quite impossible to quickly see that this is indeed the atomic mass unit with the right order of magnitude. And while this indeed now perfectly works with free42, with the current DM42 version a slightly different behavior can be observed.

Let us say I enter, as in above example 1.6605390666E-27 into a program. As soon as the cursor is in another line the value representation changes and it is displayed as 16605390666E-37. Interestingly, returning with the cursor into the line with the number, the display reverts to how I originally entered the number, 1.6605390666E-27.

The same is true, for example, for the example of the Changelog. Entering 1000 is displayed as 1E3 unless the cursor is on the line of the number in which case it is again displayed as 1000.

Is this the intended behavior of the DM42?

My DM42 info: DMCP v3.21, DM42 v3.18, Free42 3.0.2